The Band

Formed in 1982, Black Knight has been a driving force in the Dutch metal scene for over 40 years. After releasing two demos in the 80s and early 90s, the band’s long awaited first full-length was released in 1998 on Aeon Records   titled “Tales From the Darkside”. In the wake of the album’s release, Black Knight went on tour including shows in the Benelux, Germany and Bulgaria until their second album “The Beast Inside” was released in the year 2007.

Over the years the line up of Black Knight has had many changes,
but drummer and founding member Rudo Plooy has been a constant factor.

In 2020, with the new album “Road to Victory” ready to hit the streets, the band laid out plans to bring the heavy metal faith to all corners of the globe. Pure Steel Records, a record-label from Germany, was very enthusiastic about the result and released “Road to Victory” that year. Shortly after the release the reviews from over the world were overwhelming! Due to the Covid-crisis the album-tour was delayed until 2021, when also singer David Marcelis decided to make more time for his other projects. One of the last performances will be released soon as the first live-album of Black Knight! On MISE Open Air in Germany, Henk Overbosch hit the stage as the new lead singer. Now the band is working on some killer-songs for the new album which will be released in 2023.  

After fourty years of making classic metal, Black Knight is still coming for you! Sharper and faster than ever before!!

Black Knight 2022 is:

Henk Overbosch-vocals

Rudo Plooy-drums

Gertjan Vis-guitars

Ruben Raadschelders-guitars

Ron Heikens-bass